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1st March 2019 - Breakfast with James Kerr, author of "Legacy"

Date: 1st March 2019

Start Time: 08:00

End Time: 10:00


James is a bestselling writer, speaker, coach and consultant who helps create high performance cultures for elite teams and organisations. He is the author of the global best-seller ‘Legacy’ which provides a unique insight into the most successful sporting team - The All Blacks. James has worked with some of the world's most exceptional organisations, from Tier One Special Forces to Formula One teams, Premiership Football managers to Olympic teams, Google to Spotify to Boeing. His forthcoming book, "Where the Earth Meets the Sky", travels to Mount Everest to understand what it takes to 'reach the top’.

He asks: What do all great teams have in common? How does change happen? How can you create a culture of initiative, innovation and agility. How can you build personal and team resilience? How have we got leadership upside down - and how do leaders create leaders, common cause, connection and contribution? How do leaders become storytellers? How do you - as an individual - prepare for and perform under pressure? How do you make your teammates better? And - what will your legacy be?

As well as keynotes and inspiring team talks, Kerr also runs highly interactive LegacyLabs - masterclasses in which participants design their own high performance culture and personal leadership story. In these sessions, Kerr challenges participants to first design, and then take responsibility for delivering, the marginal gains that deliver breakthrough results. Acting as a creative catalyst, Kerr unlocks the latent potential within the team, helping develop agility, resilience, connection, cohesion and common purpose.

A superb presenter and a natural storyteller, his sessions are a mixture of sports psychology, leadership practice, organisational science, and compelling storytelling, and act as a powerful catalyst for change within organisations, and the individuals within them.

Kerr has advised US and UK Special Forces, Formula 1 teams, America’s Cup crews, Premier League football managers, Olympic Performance Directors – as well as corporations from Google to PayPal, Vodafone to Dyson, Red Bull to Roche, Shell to Boeing. He is the founder of Fable Partners, a brand and culture consultancy that uses storytelling to capture hearts and change minds.

James is the former captain of the Waihi School Under 6 Stone rugby team.

Participants will gain:
- Genuine insight into what it takes to be part of a high performing team;
- An understanding of how to create a culture that is a competitive advantage;
- A deeper understanding of the true role of a leader - at every level;
- Greater initiative, agility and innovation embedded within the culture;
- The importance of authenticity - of bringing yourself to work;
- A better understanding of how to build resilience in an swiftly-changing world;
- An understanding of how marginal gains delivers sustained excellence;
- The importance of clarity of purpose in any team, and any life;
- The power of storytelling as a leadership tool;
- Better insights into delivering constructive feedback and difficult news;
- Both the inspiration and the information required to ‘lift your game’.

Venue: The Deloitte Academy

1 New Street Square, London EC4A 3HQ

Nearest Tube station Chancery Lane.

Non Members Price: £20.00

Members Price: £0.00

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